E3 Spark Plugs Highlights the Players in Pro Mod: Shane Molinari 1

E3 Spark Plugs Highlights the Players in Pro Mod: Shane Molinari 1

Nashville, TN, (May 15, 2018)…One of today’s most exciting classes in NHRA drag racing has become the Pro Mod series that is now in its first season, sponsored by E3 Spark Plugs. The 2018 E3 Spark Plugs NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series presented by J&A Service is the only one that allows multiple makes of cars, builders and engines to compete on a level playing field. This combination is now drawing ever increasing throngs of fans to each city that Pro Mod races at NHRA. The 2018 season is shaping up again as one packed with thrills as barely hundredths-of-a-second divides the number 1 with the 16th qualifier, from entries topping 30 cars per event.  

One of the competing racers is Shane Molinari, from Battleground, WA. Shane started bracket racing in 1985, running laps at the local track on Wednesday nights. He went to Top Comp in 2001 (now titled Top Sportsman), and then went to Top Dragster. After compiling some years at the track, a couple buddies asked if he was interested in Pro Modified? “Who wouldn’t be!” responded Molinari. “In 2014 we all decided to pitch in on our first Pro Mod car: a ’70 Camaro. “One guy owned the car and a race shop; RH Race Cars,” says Molinari, “I supplied the engine, the transmission and I drove. And our other partner Justin Bond, helped with proceeds from his Spreader company. We were just wingin’ it then; and now we are cruisin’!” says Molinari. Team Molinari continues in their 4th year of Pro Mod, now campaigning a twin turbo ’68 Firebird. “And we got ourselves a good tuner this year. We’re rollin!” he says.


Molinari fills his trophy room with quite a few accolades from along the way with awards such as a 4th overall in 2017 NHRA points. Included in the season, he won Most Improved Driver of the Year and he drove his way to a win at Norwalk.


Molinari plans to compete in the full 12-race NHRA series in 2018. Also in his sights for the year are the World Series of Pro Mod in Denver as well as racing memorial day weekend at Indy. Molinari claims his all-time fastest pass in the ¼ mile at 5.745 @ 257 +MPH.


Of all the time spent at the track, Molinari recalls his favorite personal memory as winning Norwalk. And just anytime they can compete. “Pro Mod class is so crazy!” claims Molinari. “Anytime you can qualify, you’re doing great. In Gainesville (and Charlotte), there were 35 cars trying to qualify for a 16-car field. Just to make the field is a big accomplishment. And what’s cool is there’s nitrous cars, turbo cars, blower cars and it’s super competitive; everyone is running within .10 of a second. It’s crazy to see (times) from no.1 to no.16 just that close. And they are wild rides; Super fun to drive! It’s a cool class!”


Ask Molinari his favorite motorsports hero and he calls out his own, Brad Personett. “He kinda started the whole turbo thing,” says Molinari, “and he’s now our tuner! How badass is that!?” A few others to help get their car down the track includes JBS - Justin Bond and Sons Ltd., Artex Barn Solutions, RAD Torque Systems, Redline and Molinari’s own S & T Truck Repair; where he says he seems to spend all his time when he is not at the track.


Also during his down time, Molinari spends time with his family. “I like to play with my grandson,” he says. “ I’m sure people don’t know I have a grandson.” Beyond that he says “all I really do is work and race.” Currently a second generation is coming up behind Molinari and his daughter is racing as well.


Just like Shane Molinari, E3 appreciates the support from the racers/teams/participants competing in the E3 Spark Plug Pro Mod class of the NHRA and we are excited for the 2018 season. ?Rob Fisher, E3 Director of Motorsports says, “We are very thankful for everyone in the sport and everyone in the stands!”

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