Spark Plugs and Ignition Wires for Older Vehicles

Spark Plugs and Ignition Wires for Older Vehicles

Putting your faith in a clunker can be an affordable way to go. However, if you're not mechanically inclined, it comes with some degree of trepidation. Whether you found the vehicle on Craig's List or will be buying it from a dealer's lot, a used car is a used car. Of course, there are the "buyer basics" like kicking the tires, taking a parallel look down the bodywork for dents, checking underneath for leaks and, of course, asking if she runs. That typically leads to popping the hood open and having the owner bring the motor to life. At this point, you should listen for any misfire, hesitation to start, surging or rough idling.

An engine misfire causes an intermittent stumbling or stuttering sounds from the engine. If the engine continues to misfire or surge, gas mileage will drop, exhaust emissions go up and the engine's power will decrease. If the engine is slow to start when fuel and air are getting to the motor, there's a good chance that it's time to change the plugs.* Unless the existing ignition wires appear to be new and flexible, then it is always prudent to change those as well. Spark plugs and ignition wires are like your oil filter in that they are meant to be replaced.

Regardless of what your engine's issues might be, spark plugs and ignition wires will eventually wear out. By removing a single plug, you can get some idea as to how the vehicle has been performing. When it comes to buying new plugs and wires, quality really matters. If the plug is wet, black, eroded or badly worn, replace them with the E3 Spark Plugs and ignition wires recommended for your vehicle. New plugs and ignition wires will help burn fuel more efficiently, while bad ignition parts can cause the motor to be sluggish or not start at all. Our DiamondFIRE electrode emits a stronger flame kernel that is ideal for any older engine.

*NOTE: An engine's ignition system is comprised of multiple individual components (coils, distributors, ignition wires and spark plugs) that must work cohesively to function properly.

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