Roush Brings 150 New Jobs to Detroit

In a May 9th press release, Roush Industries announced the opening of a new technical center based in Oakland County, Michigan. The center will be dedicated to the designing and developing systems for electric, hybrid, and self-driving vehicles. These systems will include both battery and propulsion systems as well as software advancements and data analytics. “Roush is committed to expanding our engineering and analytical services both geographically and technologically,” said Evan Lyall, CEO of Roush Enterprises. “We’re well known for the breadth and depth of our automotive product development capabilities, and our new Troy Technical Center allows us to further support the transportation, military and mobility industries.”

Though about 20 of the positions are already filled, over 100 are still accepting candidates. New employees of Roush Industries will be housed in a new, 44,000-square-foot state-of-the-art development facility in Troy. One of the goals of the location placement is to bring Roush closer to some of its larger customers such as General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. With a host of economic changes taking place in Detroit over the past 10 years, many skilled workers are seeking employment. Roush has made a commitment to keep jobs in Detroit and know they will find high-skilled talent to fill these critical positions.

Roush is a subsidiary of Roush Enterprises and is headquartered in Livonia, MI, employing over 4,000 people worldwide. Oakland County officials and citizens alike are thrilled that the company has made this move to make a positive economic impact on the Greater Detroit Area. With Michigan as the long-time heart of the auto industry, it is definitely the best place to tap into a highly skilled and educated workforce with decades of experience backing them.

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