Want to See an Awesome Burnout?

In keeping with the supernatural antiheroes created by Marvel Comics, drag racing stunt driver Dave Nelson ripped the most incredible burnout of all time. In fact, the video of his flaming run earned a spot on GoPro's Awards List for 2016. If you are not familiar with GoPro, the maker of the world's most portable cameras is dedicated to helping people (especially racers) share any exciting experience with others. Yeah, a GoPro camera will also allow non-daredevils to capture more boring film clips too. But, according to founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman, sharing of one's collective experiences just makes life more fun. With that in mind, Dave Nelson certainly left the crowd at the fences cheering for more. 

Although Nelson is not part of Marvel's Ghost Rider community, his fire-eating burnouts certainly earn him an honorable mention as modern-day daredevil. Before you head out to your local drag strip to replicate his stunt, fiery burnouts are no longer allowed in the United States. Go figure? After all, what could possibly go wrong with dousing your tires with racing fuel and lighting them on fire right before an 1/8-mile burnout. This video was filmed in the United Kingdom at Santa Pod Raceway located in Podington, Bedfordshire, England, which is home to Europe's first permanent drag racing venue. With a well-protected forward fuel tank and wearing a multi-layer driver's suit, Nelson's stunt required very strict safety conditions with a lot of fire cover. Fire marshals and firefighting equipment were strategically placed from the starting line to the 1/8th mile marker. 

Needless to say, don't try this at home.

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