Still Too Young to Rust -- Dungey Calls It Quits

Still Too Young to Rust -- Dungey Calls It Quits Image

Seldom can you say that a professional racer has nothing left to prove at age 27. But, that's exactly what happened when Ryan Dungey announced his retirement from motorcycle racing. Just days before the start of the 2017 AMA Lucas Oil Motocross Championship at Hangtown, Dungey told members of the media that he would not participate in the upcoming outdoor season. Not only had the KTM factory pilot been a dominant rider for the past eight seasons of AMA supercross and motocross events, he just polished off a brilliant career by winning the 2017 Monster Energy Cup Supercross title two weeks earlier. Setting records hasn't been anything new for one of the most respected motocross racers of all time. In 2009, he turned heads by winning the 250cc Lites Supercross title followed by 250cc...

June 5, 2017
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Why Do Ignition Coils Fail?

Why Do Ignition Coils Fail? Image

Ignition coils are typically very reliable, but like any mechanic or electronic car part, can fail. To understand the range of coil failures, it is important to understand how different coils work as well as how heat fits into the equation. Whether your coil is the older canister type or your vehicle uses a coil-on-plug, coil-per-cylinder or coil-near-plug ignition system, a coil is a transformer consisting of an iron core surrounded by primary and secondary windings. The ratio of turns between the two sets of windings determines the coil's maximum output voltage. When voltage from the vehicle's battery flows through the coil to the spark plug, it ignites the fuel mixture in each cylinder. Regardless of the type of ignition system, all coils are subjected to heat with the constant...

May 18, 2017
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GM Encourages Competitors to Use Sustainable Rubber

GM Encourages Competitors to Use Sustainable Rubber Image

As Americans become better educated about irresponsible acts of devastation around the globe, they are choosing to purchase sustainable products. Even the local fish market has seen "the writing on the wall" and only purchase fresh fish from environmentally responsible sources. Some have taken their protests to social media and rallied boycotts against companies that have been slow to change their hazardous practice. Unfortunately, little attention has been given to an expendable product that most of us rely on every day -- the tires on the vehicles that transport us from one place to another. Automotive giant General Motors recently announced that the company would commit to buying sustainable natural rubber for the 49 million tires that are sold on GM cars and trucks annually. The...

May 17, 2017
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Carl Edwards Tops 230 MPH in Retirement

Carl Edwards Tops 230 MPH in Retirement Image

Ask a retired NASCAR driver if they want to drive something fast and the answer is usually an unconditional "Yes". Recently retired from behind the wheel of the Joe Gibbs Racing No. 19 Toyota Camry, Carl Edwards admitted that he really didn't ask enough questions before agreeing to pilot the fastest SUV on the planet. Thrilled by the idea, Edwards just showed up with helmet in hand at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California. Toyota had introduced the Land Speed Cruiser at SEMA 2016, and for the most part, the shiny black truck with chrome wheels simply looked like any other high-end SUV on the market today. The first clue as to what Toyota might be up to came with a peek under the hood. Although the new sports wagon featured a stock 5.7-liter V8, two Garrett turbochargers...

May 16, 2017
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The Joy of the American Road Trip

The Joy of the American Road Trip Image

There's no time like the summer to go on the classic American road trip. The kids are out of school and most businesses slow down. It is a perfect time to take a vacation and see the sights as only experienced via the open road. Here are a few tips to make your next road trip one to remember. Check Your Vehicle: Before hitting the road you'll definitely want to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape for the trip. If you expect to need an oil change mid-trip, get it done ahead of time. Check your tire pressure and wear along with all fluids. The last thing you want is to be stranded over 100 miles from the nearest service station. Start with a Loose Plan: Expect your road trip to not go exactly as planned. While most of us have GPS these days, road hazards, construction, and...

May 12, 2017
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Get Your Ride Ready for Summer

Get Your Ride Ready for Summer Image

With the summer heat starting up across the country, now is the perfect time to get your vehicle ready for the warmer weather. Between the heat, dust, and stop-and-go traffic, your vehicle will really be put through its paces over the next few months. Breaking down on the side of the road on a hot day isn't only inconvenient and uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous. This is especially true for pets, children, and the elderly. Here are a few tips to prepare you for the heat. Spark Plugs: You often think of hard-to-start cars as being a winter thing. But, misfiring spark plugs or worn ignition wires can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 30%. With today's fuel prices, that would be almost a wasted dollar on every gallon. Plus, replacing worn-out automotive spark plugs will improve...

May 12, 2017
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Transporting Patients Drives New Partnership

Transporting Patients Drives New Partnership Image

In a bold move to provide greater access to healthcare, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association plans to partner with ride-sharing company Lyft. This team-up is being built with the goal of reducing the number of delayed or missed doctor's appointments and tests, commonly related to a lack of dependable transportation. In speaking with reporters about the partnership, Gyre Renwick, Lyft's Head of Healthcare Partnerships outlined the importance transportation plays in the healthcare industry. The overall goal of the new program is to eliminate the barriers faced by the elderly and those in low-income areas. Many of these people do not own a smartphone or lack the technical acumen for using other transportation services. Lyft made the first move by reaching out to BCBS and the...

May 12, 2017
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Investment Strategies to Attract Millennials

Investment Strategies to Attract Millennials Image

It's not a secret that the technology in our vehicles is becoming more complex and more integrated with the driving experience every day. From WiFi hotspots and Bluetooth connectivity to built-in GPS and advanced safety features, many of us feel like we're driving around in a giant smartphone. This isn't the fault of the industry, it is simply giving the market what it demands and battling fierce competition to be the first-to-market. This increased demand and competition seems to have split the thinking of U.S.-based auto manufacturers. On one side of the table are companies like General Motors and Ford who are working diligently to attract Silicon Valley talent to the Motor City. Billions of dollars are being spent to renovate and invigorate Detroit to make it appealing to...

May 12, 2017
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Roush Brings 150 New Jobs to Detroit

Roush Brings 150 New Jobs to Detroit Image

In a May 9th press release, Roush Industries announced the opening of a new technical center based in Oakland County, Michigan. The center will be dedicated to the designing and developing systems for electric, hybrid, and self-driving vehicles. These systems will include both battery and propulsion systems as well as software advancements and data analytics. “Roush is committed to expanding our engineering and analytical services both geographically and technologically,” said Evan Lyall, CEO of Roush Enterprises. “We’re well known for the breadth and depth of our automotive product development capabilities, and our new Troy Technical Center allows us to further support the transportation, military and mobility industries.” Though about 20 of the...

May 12, 2017
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Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Kicks Off in Two Weeks

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Kicks Off in Two Weeks Image

If you're an E3 Spark Plugs motorcycle racing fan, the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will start in two weeks with first of twelve events slated for the Hangtown Motocross Classic outside Sacramento CA on May 20th. For the third consecutive year, the series' final round will be the Ironman National in Crawfordsville IN. This year will see the Lucas Oil outdoor championship returning to the nation's most historic tracks including Glen Helen, Thunder Valley, High Point, Red Bud, Southwick, Washougal, Budds Creek and Unadilla. Click for the 2017 Pro Motocross Schedule. The 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series promises to be one of the best outdoor seasons ever. Saturday night in Las Vegas, the indoor supercross season ended in spectacular fashion. Although the 250cc West...

May 8, 2017
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