Dale Jr. Reflects on Concussion Recovery

Dale Jr. Reflects on Concussion Recovery Image

On April 2nd one of NASCAR's most celebrated drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke to fans about returning to the NASCAR Cup Series following yet another concussion. When asked about the return Earnhardt said, "I certainly am more aware, whether I want to be or not, of how dangerous it is. But going through the injury yourself really puts it into perspective what's important." The 42-year-old driver lost his father to racing in 2001. Over the years NASCAR has begun taking concussions more seriously. In the past doctors were only brought to the infield if the driver couldn't drive the car back to the garage themselves. Today the infield care center gives every driver a SCAT test administered by a neurosurgeon after an accident. The new rules state that anyone involved in an accident, no...

April 11, 2017
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Millennials Shift Strongly Toward Ride Sharing

Millennials Shift Strongly Toward Ride Sharing Image

Recent reports are showing a strong shift in the up-and-coming generation, away from car ownership and toward ride sharing. A striking 70% of millenials surveyed said they regularly use ride sharing services when going out with friends. Compared to the past generation which had 91% auto ownership, of today's younger drivers only 78% own or lease a vehicle. On the surface it may just look like a savings plan, however this reason was only listed at #3 after short waiting times and overall efficiency of the experience. What services are most used by millenials? Unsurprisingly Uber came in at #1 with 97% brand recognition followed by Lyft at 75% and ZipCar at 42%. At first the ride sharing trend was disrupting the taxi industry yet now it is effecting automotive and transportation as...

April 7, 2017
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Juan Pablo Montoya Considers Sports Car Racing

Juan Pablo Montoya Considers Sports Car Racing Image

Long celebrated open-wheel racing superstar Juan Pablo Montoya teased fans recently after taking his first laps behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTE car. At an IMSA-sanctioned test at Sebring, Montoya completed 10 test laps in Ferrari's GT Le Mans contender. The two-time Indianapolis 500 winner turned a best lap of 2:01.414, just 3 seconds slower than Sebastien Bourdais who set the pace in a Ford GT at the Rolex 24. The event is making the news because it was Montoya's first experience in a GT car. "It’s fun," Montoya said after the run. "It’s different. I ran like 4-8 laps just to get the hang of it. I’m probably going to get back in a little bit later.” “A prototype drives more like an open-wheel car, "he went on to say. "This is very different....

April 4, 2017
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The Fast-Paced World of Sprint Car Racing

The Fast-Paced World of Sprint Car Racing Image

After mixed fan reactions from NASCAR's race changes many are turning to the Sprint car series to get their thrills. This year's Daytona 500 was the first race showcasing the new 3-part style of racing NASCAR is releasing in an effort to attract more fans. While new fans may come to the sport, some of the long-time ones may be leaving, opting instead for the more dangerous Sprint car racing. Sprint car tracks are shorter, feature fewer regulations, and the cars are simply insane-looking. These lightweight and powerful winged monsters tear around tiny dirt tracks at over 100mph. With an output of over 900 horsepower, top speed over 160mph and a body style which is unlike anything else out there, it is easy to see the appeal. Each Sprint car weighs less than half of a NASCAR and...

April 3, 2017
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Force Breaks His Own Records at the 48th Gatornationals

Force Breaks His Own Records at the 48th Gatornationals Image

It's hard to beat the seasoned veterans on Sunday at the Gatornationals. Since 1987, there's only been one season where John Force did not stand atop the podium in NHRA Funny Car. After qualifying for Sunday's final round, Force said, "There's no magic wand." Although there's a pit full of competitors who might disagree. "It's all about heart," added Force "let's go drag racing." Early this year Force traded teams with son-in-law Robert Hight to shake thing up and that's exactly what happened. When Force buckled in at Gainesville Raceway for the weekend's final race, his only thoughts were to win his 148th NHRA national (99 more than second all time Ron Capps). When the smoke cleared, John Force had his eighth Gatornationals trophy in Funny Car and John Force Racing's 2500th...

March 20, 2017
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3D Road Maps for Self Driving Cars on the Horizon

3D Road Maps for Self Driving Cars on the Horizon Image

<p>Vehicles with limited autonomy are already hitting the streets with more due to arrive in the near future. However, the dream of a fully automated driving experience is still a long ways off with the limits of current technology. Tech and auto giants are teaming up to solve this problem faster by developing HD maps for auto-driving programs to follow. </p> <p>"The notion of a HD map was created during a joint project with Here and Daimler for the 'Birth of Benz' drive, and we developed a core technology and HD map that was created as a research prototype in order to facilitate the functioning of that car driving through the German countryside," said Sanjay Wood, Here's VP of Highly Automated Driving. "When it comes to automated driving, the map becomes another...

March 17, 2017
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Polaris Slingshot Delivers Excitement to Bike Week

Polaris Slingshot Delivers Excitement to Bike Week Image

The long anticipated Slingshot from Polaris is turning heads and opening wallets at this year's Daytona Bike Week. For the first time demo rides for the full MY17 lineup of Slingshots are available at the Daytona International Speedway. If you've seen one of these things on the road there's no way you didn't do a double take. In the rear-view you may think you're looking at a Ferrari Enzo at first, then when it pulls up next to you that's when you see it for what it really is. This insane, three-wheeled reverse trike features an open-air race-ready cockpit set on 3 beautiful wheels. Its stunning from stem to stern and is simply a joy to ride. “Daytona Bike Week is the epicenter for motorcycling enthusiasts,” said Rachel Elia, Slingshot Marketing Manager. “There is no...

March 17, 2017
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Off Roading Tips for Summer Fun

Off Roading Tips for Summer Fun Image

Going off-road can be an extremely fun adventure, but it can also turn sour fast. Here are a few tips from our seasoned off-road pros which will help you before taking to the trail. First, choose the right gear before going off-road. If you have a 4WD vehicle, be sure to shift it into 4x4 before setting a single tire off the road; you may forget to do it later. If you're sporting an all-wheel-drive be sure to lock the center differential. These are important to do from the onset because once you're stuck you may not be able to make this change. Having an off-road transmission is also important. Additional gears are used to help slow down your speed and keep your wheels from spinning. Second, know what you're getting into. Before encountering a patch of trail too aggressive for your...

March 16, 2017
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Hidden Car Show Gems In 2017

Hidden Car Show Gems In 2017 Image

Many car lovers can't make it to the major International auto shows. There's good news though. All across the country there are literally hundreds of events going on this year. Sometimes smaller venues host some of the most unique shows around, especially for niche auto lovers. Here are a few of our favorites coming up. 21st Annual Cherry Blossom Mustang & All Ford Show: Ford fans near Macon, GA will definitely want to make their way down to the William S. Hutchings Career Center on April 1st. Sponsored by the Flag City Mustang Club, this judged event is great for all ages and includes a full festival for the family. Outlaw Nationals car Show: If you want to do a good deed while enjoying your hobby, come on out for this incredible fundraising event. Proceeds will be raised for...

March 15, 2017
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Roborace Releases New Formula E Car

Roborace Releases New Formula E Car  Image

As Formula E enters its third year as a racing series, new competitors hope to enter the races in the form of fully automated robotic cars. In Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress the company debuted its latest design for the Robocar built by chief designer Daniel Simon. Known for designing vehicles for movies such as Captain America, Tron: Legacy, and Prometheus, Daniel also took inspiration from VW, Bentley, Bugatti, and Audi to create his latest design. Roborace hopes to spark a new global sport of robotic racing. The initial plan is to begin debuting the vehicles as part of the Formula E (all electric car) racing series. “We want people to see this like a Tron, or an Oblivion, or a Star Wars spaceship,” says Justin Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer of Roborace. Fans in...

March 14, 2017
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