Ford Performance Unveils Shelby FP350S at PRI Show

Ford Performance Unveils Shelby FP350S at PRI Show Image

Spectators at this year's Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis were in for a real treat as Ford Performance unveiled their new non-street and track-ready Shelby FP350S race car. Though many comparisons have been made to the GT4, this Shelby truly stands on its own. In fact, the only similarities between the two vehicles are the white stock body they come with and the roll cage. Where the GT4 was built for pro series racing, the FP350S is slotted for club and sprint racing classics like the SCVA's T1. According to Ford Performance Engineering Manager Dave Born, the new Shelby will feature a 5.2-liter V8 but be tuned to produce greater torque and horsepower at lower RPMs. How much more horsepower? "Quite a bit more," according to Born. The stock Shelby GT350R intake and...

December 14, 2016
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Leno and Dunham Race the World's Fastest Amphibious Cars

Leno and Dunham Race the World's Fastest Amphibious Cars Image

On a recent episode of CNBC's hit show Jay Leno's Garage, host Jay Leno raced ventriloquist comedian Jeff Dunham in the world's fastest amphibious cars. Screaming across the open waters of Castaic Lake, the pair were surely a site for spectators, each in a WaterCar Panther. These fantastically fun specialized vehicles hold the world record for being the fastest amphibious car, one which functions as both a road and water vehicle. Resembling a retrofitted Jeep, and handling like one on the road, the WaterCar Panthers can reach a top speed of 60mph once they hit the waves. Owning one of these bad boys will set you back a cool $155,000 but they're definitely worth it. As Leno said mid-race, "all right, this is stupid fun." The race took place just northwest of Los Angeles on Castaic...

December 14, 2016
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What Are Coil Packs?

What Are Coil Packs? Image

We are often asked, "What is the difference between traditional ignition coils and coil packs?" For decades, internal combustion engines relied on electrical current from the car's battery to be converted as it passed through the ignition system's coil. The spark was then passed by the distributor through the plug wires to a spark plug located in each cylinder head. Ignition coils transformed the battery's low voltage (typically 12 volts D.C.) to the high voltage needed to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine's cylinders. The coil was connected to the distributor's rotor, which would spin creating a pulse arc. Via a cap and rotor, the distributor managed the high voltage. Relying on a vacuum advance or centrifugal advance, the distributor's breaker points controlled the timing of...

December 7, 2016
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Snowmobile Tricks Get More Extreme at the Winter X Games

Snowmobile Tricks Get More Extreme at the Winter X Games Image

Soon the holidays will be upon us, then over before we know it. Snow will begin to fall and collect around the country and very soon we'll be in one of the most fun times of the year. Nearly everyone has at least one winter sport or activity that they absolutely love. Whether it's skating, skiing, or snowmobiling, there is fun for everyone in the powder. The Winter X Games have taken winter sports to a whole new level. Snowmobile tricking has become a very popular event and often includes jumps, back flips and more. Spectators can see the action for themselves when the games open on January 26, 2017. The games will feature trick events and various styles of racing, all performed by the best riders on the planet. Crowd favorites such as Andrew Carlson, Heath Frisby, Iain Hayden, and...

November 11, 2016
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Historical Development of Vehicles for WWI

Historical Development of Vehicles for WWI Image

The Industrial Revolution has had far-reaching effects on the world, none so obvious as the advancements seen in combat during WWI. Compared to wars of the past, this was the first time which fast advancements in technology made a real difference on the battleground. Looking through historical photos taken from the beginning of the war until the end, you'll see the clear changes which took place during this short time. You'll often see cavalry riding alongside some of the first tanks and armored vehicles used in combat. A wide array of vehicles was invented, developed, and put into use in very quick succession. Several styles of trucks, jeeps, tanks, and other heavy-duty vehicles became the forefathers of the technology used today. Take for example the Panzer Auto 1. This early...

November 10, 2016
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Are Run Flat Tires Right For Me?

Are Run Flat Tires Right For Me? Image

If you ask the average person on the street about run flat tires, they'll probably talk about the wonders of this "new technology." Did you know that run flat tires (RFTs) have been on the market since the mid-1980s? Recent improvements to the technology have made them more popular in recent years. The basic premise behind RFTs is their ability for the driver to continue operating the vehicle safely for a short period of time after a puncture. This allows the driver to get the vehicle to a safe area to either change their tire or have the tire repaired by a mechanic. Most run-flat tires can operate after a loss in pressure for up to 50 miles. There are two main systems at work in most RFTs. These are the support ring system and the self-supporting system. Both work to keep the tire's...

November 9, 2016
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Tips For Winterizing Your Car

Tips For Winterizing Your Car Image

With colder weather quickly approaching for many in the United States, it's the right time of year to begin preparing your vehicle for the icy conditions ahead. Winterizing your car involves several steps to ensure you can safely traverse the roads between December and April. Here are a few tips on what to look for, what to replace, and what to keep an eye on. The first thing you should do is install winter wipers. These have specialized rubber, which helps keep ice from collecting on the blades. This heavier-duty style will do you well during a snowstorm, just be sure to remove them come spring. Depending on where you live, you may want to install winter tires or add chains to your tires. With special compounds added to the rubber, winter tires stand up to colder temperature and...

November 8, 2016
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What's Biodiesel and Can I Use It?

What's Biodiesel and Can I Use It? Image

As the world looks for new sources of energy, biodiesel has become an interesting topic. In a nutshell, biofuels are made from biological ingredients instead of fossil fuels. These can range from vegetable oils like corn or soybean oil or can come from animal fat. The main key to biodiesel is how a diesel engine works. You see, diesel engines run only on compression, not combustion. This means that there is no need for an explosion, just the right viscosity of fuel used in the engine. Traditional diesel fuel is made from petroleum and runs many of the large trucks and busses on the road today. Biodiesel is designed to mimic traditional diesel fuel so it can work in most diesel engines while being non-toxic and renewable. In most cases, biodiesel is safe to use in standard diesel...

November 7, 2016
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What's Happening Under Your Hood?

What's Happening Under Your Hood? Image

For many of us, we know enough about our cars to keep them clean, fill them up, get the oil changed, and maybe check tire pressure. Yet if you own any type of car it's important to know what is happening under the hood. All gasoline engines on the market are known as "internal combustion engines." As the name implies, combustion (or explosions) are taking place internally. These are also known as reciprocating engines because the repeat a pattern of movement and turn a crank. A simple explosion in a standard cylinder is powerful enough to launch a potato about 500 feet, to put it in perspective. Internal combustion engines put this power to more useful purposes by creating a cycle which sets off hundreds of explosions per minute, transferring that power to your tires and propelling...

November 4, 2016
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World Motocross Event to Be Held in Poland

World Motocross Event to Be Held in Poland Image

What is being described as "The Olympics of Motocross," a huge international race of Europe's top bikers is slated to take place in Poland next year. Youthstream, in Monaco, was proud to announce this week that the Women's Motocross of European Nations and the Motocross of European Nations will appear on the calendar once again in 2017. The event will be held in Poland and take place on September 3rd of next year at the circuit of Gdansk, the same course which was used in 2005 for the same event. FIM Europe Motocross Commission Chairman Mr. Eddie Herd said, “I am very happy to see this event on the calendar again for next year. It is a very important event for FIM Europe and for the development of the young riders to ride as a team for their Nation and also have a National team...

November 3, 2016
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