ATV Racing Lights Up with New Yamaha Program

ATV Racing Lights Up with New Yamaha Program Image

In an early February announcement, Yamaha Motor Corp., USA announced the launch of a new ATV Racing Support program. This new initiative is committing a potential race win bonus payout of $100,000. These bonuses will be available to Side-by-Side and ATV racers who compete in select series and classes while driving Yamaha 2016 or newer YFZ450R and YXZ1000R models. The goal of the company is to get their quads on the track more often and show the racing world what they're made of. "Yamaha's bLU cRU has been a very popular supercross, motocross and off-road motorcycle racing program, and we're excited to expand it to ATV and SxS racers this year," said Donnie Luce, Yamaha ATV / Off-Road Racing Coordinator. Racing apparel is also part of the deal as registered racers will receive a $45...

February 24, 2017
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Snowmobile Tops 146 MPH at Swan Lake Races

Snowmobile Tops 146 MPH at Swan Lake Races Image

Southwest of Minneapolis in Nicollet County, MN, snowmobile racers and fans flock to Swan Lake for an exciting annual racing event. Put on by the Nicollet County Trail Association, hundreds of spectators and racers were drawn to the icy lake to witness roaring engines, flying ice, and streaks of bright colors screaming across the ice. Unlike traditional oval ice courses, the Swan Lake event is all about speed. Starting at one end of a 1,000-foot track, racers are signaled and start tearing across the ice as fast as possible At the opposite end of the track is a race official holding a radar gun. The highest speed for each racer is recorded as their score for the run. To ensure there wasn't a mix up on the radar read, racers went one-at-a-time. At the end of each class, points were...

February 23, 2017
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Formula One Street Race Coming to America

Formula One Street Race Coming to America Image

Chase Carey, the new owner of Formula One Racing, recently announced plans to expand the sport into new markets. This includes adding a traditional street race, set in the United States, to the circuit. "We would like to add a destination race in the U.S. in a location like New York, L.A., Miami, Las Vegas," Carey said in a telephone interview. "We think we can create something that will be a really special event. Obviously, the U.S. is all upsides for us. We haven't invested in the way we need to build the U.S. market." Currently Formula One only has one stop in the U.S. during the season and that is in Austin, Texas. Lovers of Formula One Racing have felt the sport was "stuck in the past" mostly thanks to former owner Bernie Ecclestone. Carey promises to change all that and has...

February 16, 2017
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The Easy Way to Change a Flat Tire

The Easy Way to Change a Flat Tire Image

As a regular reader of the E3 Spark Plugs blog chances are that you know your way around a car. Still, there are plenty of people out there who don't know the first thing about the car they're driving, except how to coast it down the road. In a recent poll of college freshmen, 70% were found to not know how to change a flat tire. With such a startling figure, we thought it would be a good time to lay out some simple wisdom from the gear heads at E3. Every car, truck, and SUV comes with a spare tire. This is located in the rear of the vehicle, either under a panel in the floor or beneath the vehicle. The spare will be secured with either a few bolts or a T-bar if suspended by a cable. Loosen the securing bolts to release the spare. Be sure your spare is full of air and very firm. The...

February 15, 2017
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NASCAR to Disallow Damaged Cars to Return

NASCAR to Disallow Damaged Cars to Return Image

NASCAR recently announced that damaged racecars will not be permitted to return to the track this season. That is unless repairs can be made in the pit within a very tight window. Beginning with the Daytona 500 the new rule states that a vehicle with extensive damage must return to the garage for repairs and will not be allowed back onto the track. The only exception is damage which can be fixed within five minutes on pit road. The extent of the damage and the allowable repairs are clearly outlined. "Body repairs are limited to the removal or reattachment of original parts with fasteners and tape." "New or previously unused body panels are not permitted." "Rods and supports may be used to reinforce original panels." The goal of the new regulation is to prevent severely damaged cars...

February 15, 2017
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Wilson Jumps from Pitching to Racing

Wilson Jumps from Pitching to Racing Image

Ever wonder what happens to star athletes after they retire from their sport? Many make the news after losing fortunes, but the smart ones reinvest their earnings and chase their passions. That is precisely what former Rangers and Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson is doing. Wilson has always loved cars and racing. After retiring from major league baseball, Wilson purchased a Porsche/Audi/BMW dealership in Fresno and plans to get into auto racing. "I've been into racing since I was a kid. I started karting when I was 6 or something, going to dirt track events my whole life," Wilson told the station. "My dad was on a pit crew and got me into it. Now it's going to be a big deal. I don't have to hide it anymore, there's no contract violations to worry about or anything." The Wilson racing team...

February 15, 2017
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Lamborghini Urus To Debut At Beijing Auto Show

Lamborghini Urus To Debut At Beijing Auto Show Image

Finally, after 5 years of teasing, a Lamborghini in waiting will finally debut its SUV concept the Urus. In just 2 short months at the 2017 Auto China show to be held in Beijing, this monster of an SUV will be shown off in a production-ready state for the first time. In 2012, show goers got a glimpse of the concept which is now ready to hit the streets. Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali said the final production model will keep the Urus name and production will begin in April 2017. In anticipation of the Urus being one of its best-selling models, Lamborghini is already boosting production capabilities at its Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy facility. We're expecting the Urus to debut with the first turbo-charged engine in the Lamborghini family, most likely a 4.0-litre V8 with an all...

February 14, 2017
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Lease-Return Surge Cuts Auto Profits

Lease-Return Surge Cuts Auto Profits Image

Many automakers are being forced to shift their business model in 2017. This is mainly a direct cause of the high number of vehicles with expired leases being returned to dealerships in 2016. Currently about 20% of the cars for sale on the market are pre-owned and that number is expected to climb throughout the year. Overall, lease returns are up 33% over 2015 numbers. How does this impact profits? Manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler bring in a decent amount of revenue through lease payments. The program was originally conceived to help car buyers get into more expensive vehicles they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. Automakers make money every month off the payments, which profit them based on the difference between the vehicle value at the time of sale and the...

February 13, 2017
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Ice Racing Fires Up on Frozen Great Lakes

Ice Racing Fires Up on Frozen Great Lakes Image

Near the southwest corner of Michigan's upper peninsula winter racing fans of all ages gather together for what has become a true community event. For the past 28 years, residents of Delta County have brought their motorcycles and ATVs to Lake Michigan to partake in an epic racing event. Every Sunday between January and March the Great lakes Ice Racing team clears off the ice to create a race track worthy of the pros. The events have become a real family sport with racers from 4 to 70 years old taking competing in the events. Speed, gear, and skill all come together for some of the best ice racing you can find anywhere in the U.S. "There's a lot of fast bike here and it's so fun, I'm new to this so I'm learning a lot yet, but still having a blast racing with everybody," said rookie...

February 13, 2017
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NASCAR Changing the Rules, Again

NASCAR Changing the Rules, Again Image

It's no secret that attention spans are getting shorter every day. In a society where nearly everyone has a computer in their pocket, answers are found instantaneously and millions of websites, companies, and advertisers are vying for people's attention. This is a real problem for a sport, which is primarily a long, 4-hour race. The new generation, millennials typically don't want to watch racers go around a track for that much time and getting new fans into a sport is the key to its longevity. NASCAR's answer for this is to change how it runs its races. In what is now the "old format" racers would earn points during a single long event, between 400 and 500 miles depending on the race. Driving teams in the top 16 points at the end of the season moved on to the post-season. Now NASCAR...

February 10, 2017
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