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Searching online for natural gas engine products? E3 has released a new line of ignition products for natural-gas burning engines that includes spark plugs, ignition coils, and oxygen sensors. With the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) tightening of regulations governing tailpipe emissions, there has been a push to meet increasingly lower (near zero) thresholds of air pollutants. Depending on the type of vehicle, its drive cycle and engine calibration, converting to natural gas can lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional fuels.

Natural gas is a low-carbon, cleaner-burning fuel that can provide a significant reduction in harmful pollutants, especially when considering lifecycle emissions or replacing older conventional vehicles. For environmental efficiency, E3 natural gas spark plugs have a multiple prong design that delivers a higher spark voltage for your natural gas engine. Whether your engine runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG), either alternative fuel can result in a significant reduction of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and greenhouse gas emissions.

When comparing the two alternative fuels, both perform favorably against current vehicle emission standards. Overall, the lifecycle emissions of CNG and LNG are nearly identical. Converting conventional engines to run on natural gas is a good option for commercial applications, such as fleet operations. Because the EPA requires conversion system manufacturers to demonstrate that the an engine meets or exceeds the same standards as the vehicle's original engine, always install E3 natural gas ignition products and have your conversions done by a reputable retrofitter.

E3 Spark Plugs began as a research and development company that invented a superior spark plug for automotive, light truck, lawn & garden and power sport applications. The same commitment to R&D has been applied to the natural gas line of spark plugs, coils, and oxygen sensors to provide the highest standards of quality. Our natural gas engine products always deliver better ignition capacity and are designed to withstand high combustion temperatures and pressure. To learn more about any E3 product, use this website's convenient contact form for a prompt, professional response.

Natural Gas Spark Plugs

E3 Spark Plugs has developed a spark plug and replacement boot that meets or exceeds OEM specifications for multiple natural gas engine applications. Our complete line of natural gas spark plugs are priced competitively with attractive inventory lead times and payment terms. FF-200 Natural Gas Spark Plug by E3 replaces Cummins part numbers 4937472 & 2888328. In addition, E3 is offering a Replacement Spark Plug Boot (E3.271) that replaces Cummins part numbers 3973945 and 4989131.

Natural Gas Ignition Products

E3 Spark Plugs' new line of ignition products includes a natural gas coil pack, plug-on coil, and coil wire. These products meet or exceed OEM specifications for multiple natural gas engine applications. With attractive inventory lead times and payment terms, our natural gas ignition products are priced competitively. E3.252 Natural Gas Coil Pack replaces Cummins part numbers 3937301, and E3.250 Coil-On Plug replaces Cummins part number 5310990 and 3975150.

Natural Gas Oxygen Sensors

The new line of ignition products from E3 Spark Plugs includes two Natural Gas Oxygen Sensors. These products meet or exceed OEM specifications for multiple natural gas engine applications for monitoring oxygen levels in the exhaust. E3s line of natural gas engine O2 sensors are competitively priced with attractive inventory lead times and payment terms. E3.231 Natural Gas O2 Sensor replaces Cummins part number 4001675, and E3.230 O2 Sensor replaces Cummins part number 4954893.

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